About the Couple




How we met…

Amy and I have ‘known’ each other since we were in Mrs. Adkins first grade class together.  Our paths rarely crossed in high school, but in August of 1998 mutual friends brought us together.  We hadn’t seen each other since graduation; however, this time we had an interest in one another and began dating before I returned to school at Texas A&M and she began school at the University of Missouri.  After spending a semester in two different states, Amy decided to move to College Station and began taking classes at Blinn College.  Many people thought this was a little crazy (including us), but it has turned out to be the best decision we ever made. 




What we’ve been doing…


Chris will be graduating from TAMU in August with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.




Amy has been working at WTAW as a radio news reporter and acting news director while taking classes at Blinn College.





What we will be doing…


Amy will finish her degree in Journalism at Southwest Texas State University.



Chris will begin work at National Instruments in September as an Applications Engineer.



We will move into our house in Leander once we return from the honeymoon at:


116 Lombard

Leander, TX 78641